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“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.” — Henry A. Kissinger

Being a musician can be very solitary, but what if you crave a holy community and need to connect with people and musicians in the broader community? Hebrew college is training cantors and cantor educators like Cantor Michael McCloskey, Can`07 to be role models for the 21st century.

Cantor and his student
Cantor McClosky with Melanie Blatt, one of the Hebrew College cantorial students he coaches.

“I am educating human beings and Jewish people from a noble civilization and tradition to be world citizens and loving and compassionate to all of humanity. We are privileged to have a very unique ‘voice’,’ using our powerful texts, songs and ritual to help congregants on their spiritual journeys. I think the cantors’ role is to be accessible and act as “k-lei Kodesh” (holy vessels) who should be examples of the human life we want to see. We should stand for the prophetic vision and Jewish ideals such as fighting injustice. And music is our tool—like other arts, we are able to educate and reach people in ways that frontal learning doesn’t accomplish.”

Cantor McCloskey was one of the fledgling graduates of Hebrew College’s Cantorial program in 2007. Since his ordination, he has been Cantor-Educator at Temple Emeth in Chestnut Hill, MA, a congregation of about 400 families, dedicated to intellectual, social and spiritual growth.

How does he make the Shabbat experience so rich for his congregants? By building on education and a loving, compassionate approach to foster trust during the week. According to him, this is modelled on the influence of the passion of his teachers at Hebrew College. Consider these numbers.

400 Families | 30-35 Women | 8-20 teens | 11 cantorial students| 1 Union Card

This is how Hebrew College is educating cantors to leaders, teachers, and accessible Jewish mentors who are also “citizens of the world”. Hebrew College is making a difference.

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