Community Blog BILI Undergraduate Fellowship Retreat

By Tom Reid

On Saturday night, February 23rd, 35 undergraduate students from the Greater Boston area gathered at the Walker Center for Ecumenical Exchange (West Newton) for the second annual Boston Interfaith Leadership Initiative (BILI) retreat. The retreat, planned by 2018-2019 BILI fellows—representing eight local schools—and the staff of the Miller Center for Interreligious Learning & Leadership of Hebrew College, provided participants with the opportunity to explore issues of identity, to learn with and from outstanding religious and civic leaders, and to share best practices in interreligious engagement across campuses.

Reflecting on the gathering, Brown University student and current BILI fellow, Noah Hoffman, said, “The BILI retreat exceeded my expectations… Each activity was fun, engaging and insightful.” BILI fellow and Bentley University student Elizabeth Little added, “I have been to quite a few interfaith retreats and conferences, but BILI stands out to me. With a small group, I had the opportunity to connect with every individual and learn about their lives and their traditions. I was able to have meaningful conversations where questions were welcomed and encouraged.”

The BILI program is coordinated by Miller Center Assistant Director Tom Reid and Community Engagement Assistant and former BILI fellow, Phoebe Oler. The 2019 retreat was supported by a  generous grant from the Of Many Institute of New York University. The Miller Center staff wishes to thank our colleagues at all of the participating schools in the BILI program.

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