Humans of Hebrew College Becoming a Rav-Hazzan

By Hebrew College
Matt Goldberg

Humans of Hebrew College #HumansHC

“A number of people told me that I could just be a ‘rabbi who can sing,’ but I wanted the opportunity to get the full, formal education. I wanted a deeper level of learning, about music theory and music history, and Hazzanut that rabbinical school alone wouldn’t offer.

Actually, I originally applied and was accepted to the Hebrew College Rabbinical School and did a year there before applying to the Rav-Hazzan program. I had known throughout my application process (to three schools across the country) that I wanted to do some kind of music learning. When I was visiting and interviewing at another rabbinical school, they told me that I might be able to use a couple of elective blocks to take a music class or two, but that was about it. I think that’s when I realized I was looking for more. Hebrew College’s Rav-Hazzan program appealed to me because I didn’t have to sacrifice one or the other. I get a full, real rabbinical education, and a full, real cantorial education — no ‘fitting in a music class here or there.’ Instead, my whole five years (six years with Mekorot) will be built around getting both ordinations.”

(Matt Goldberg is a student in Hebrew College‘s Rav-Hazzan program.)

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