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Who We AreAt Hebrew College

We are lovers of Torah.
We are committed to communal and social responsibility.
We are awake and aware.
We are creative.
We are committed to principled and rigorous pluralistic Jewish education.

Hebrew College is a vibrant graduate school dedicated to promoting deep Jewish learning and inspired leadership within a pluralistic environment of open inquiry, intellectual rigor, personal engagement and spiritual creativity. We are training Jewish leaders, professionals and lifelong learners for a world in need of healing and hope.

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Hebrew College empowers and inspires individuals to contribute their voices and vision to the Jewish community and to bring Jewish values to bear on the critical issues of our time.

Speaking Torah

How can Torah inform contemporary Jewish life? Read what is on the mind of Hebrew College’s thought leaders.

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Our Alumni: The Power of Numbers

Hebrew College alumni are Jewish leaders and lifelong learners all over the world.

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Humans of Hebrew College

Meet our pluralistic community and send us your story if you’d like to be featured. #HumansHC.



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The Shabbat Table

Join Hebrew College’s 2018-2019 Shabbat Table with a gift of $1,800 and enjoy a Shabbat meal with the President, faculty and students during the coming year.

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