Youth Education Initiative

Youth Education Initiative

YESOD: The Greater Boston Jewish Community’s Youth Educator Initiative

Funded by CJP and housed at Hebrew College, the main goals of YESOD since its inception in the mid-1990s are:

  • Visible and tangible support of congregations in their efforts to engage increasing numbers of youth in meaningful ways within congregational and communal Jewish life.
  • Ongoing professionalization of the field of experiential Jewish education on a local and national level.

There are three main components of YESOD:

  • Professional networks where educators network, share resources and receive high-level educational content.
  • One-to-one and systemic consultation on issues relevant to current and future programs and infrastructure of the congregational youth agenda.
  • Ongoing professional development coursework at Hebrew College.

Via collaborations with area congregations, local and national youth movements and other agencies, YESOD continues to be an integral player in the national youth agenda.