rabbinical students during morning prayer in the beit midrash

Spiritual Growth

Becoming a rabbi should be a holistic endeavor in which you are cultivating your heart and soul in addition to your mind.

Tefillot (Prayer)

Each morning at Hebrew College, students and faculty lead traditional and creative morning tefillot. Students come at least two morning a week to tefillot - once to daven with the whole community and once to daven in smaller groups formed based on prayer needs and goals. Daily prayer here is an energizing and open place to awaken the spirit, discover forms of tefillot that speak to our hearts and soul and teach skills for leading communities in prayer. Once a week, we have tefillah groups to explore the place of prayer in our lives and work on practical, tefillah-leading skills.

Spiritual Direction

Students have the opportunity to participate in our Spiritual Direction program. During regular meetings with their mashia (director), students explore their connection to the Divine through conversation and meditation on typical matters of daily life. Spiritual Direction helps students cultivate a stance of openness to the fullness of life, deeper awareness of moments of holiness and greater ability to be in silence and offer spontaneous prayer.

Rabbinic Writing Institute

Another optional spiritual support program is to do writing as a spiritual practice with author and teacher Merle Feld. During monthly meetings, Feld helps students develop and explore their own inner lives and cultivate a practice of writing as a vehicle for this work. Under Feld’s guidance, students also learn to serve more effectively as spiritual leaders.


Rabbi Daniel Klein
Director of Admissions

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