Hebrew Language and Culture

Hebrew Language and Culture

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Fundamentals of HebrewThis curriculum is designed for those who want to learn Hebrew by studying the range of Hebrew works, including modern and classical Jewish texts, the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), the Siddur (prayer book), classic Rabbinic works (Mishna) and Hasidic and modern Hebrew texts in their original authentic language. 

The five-semester sequence (Levels 1- 4 plus “Sources” class) utilizes an interactive and text-based curriculum. Students develop fundamental skills in all modalities of language acquisition and literacy: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Understanding the building blocks of Hebrew grammar allows students to excel in their full comprehension of the Hebrew Language.  Phonology, morphology, semantic, syntax and pragmatics are specifically addressed in each level of study in order to allow learners to develop mastery of text and communication in Hebrew.  The Understanding Text Series allows students to study Hebrew throughout its historical layers via diverse genres of the Hebrew literature. Levels 1 -4 are offered either noncredit status or for undergraduate credit; the “Sources” class may be taken for graduate credit or noncredit status.


Sigalit Davis
Senior Lecturer and Specialist in Hebrew Curriculum Development
617-559-8663 sdavis@hebrewcollege.edu